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Baby Seal - Gold Ribbon Mulberry - 23 x 11 x 1/2

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Named after its inspirational figure of a seal, Baby Seal is meant to be a living piece of art, enjoyed on the wall, it's stand or on the table presenting food for special guests. 

The eye will see rare golden figure, birdseye, feather, ribbon, grain and coloring; a bright colored golden wood that comes alive with ribbon, translucence, casts and streaks of purple that shimmers though the gold. 

Baby Seal, a rare highly figured mulberry cross cut from a 100 year old tree was found in a barn and believed to have been cut in the 1920's, she is about 200 years old.   We have yet seen such a highly colored (natural) and figured mulberry.

As with all of my natural wood art, natural checks, cracks and figure enhance the age and beauty of mother nature, expect this and call for questions.

  • Comes with a stand that can also be used for iPad ($60 value).
  • Hand crafted and finely finished with food safe mineral oil and beeswax. 
  • Only fallen, found, up-cycled, re-purposed craft kiln dried wood is used.
  • Care: use light soap/water, reapply mineral oil and/or beeswax oil treatment.
  • Shipped in 100% recycled packaging that is 100% recyclable.
  • Honoring woods natural shape to reduce waste, sizes are within 1”.
  • Pictures are of exact board purchased.  
  • Contact us for special requests.

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Cutting Board Size Guide

As we handcraft our live edge and traditional cutting, chopping and serving boards, sizing does vary.
  - We try to be close in meeting or exceeding our approximated dimensions, providing you with a board that is equal to or larger than specified.
  - All of our live edge boards are crafted in a series/collection which will have unique sizes, so a medium in one collection may be different than in another, please read our measurements and other sites carefully.
  - If you have a specific need contact us, we will try to accommodate.

What is the difference between a live edge and traditional cutting boards and how are they measured?
  - Live Edge refers to the natural contour of the outside of a tree and mother nature's dimensions always vary. How we sell this is explained in more detail below.
  - Traditional refers to a man-made edge with a specific cut dimension.

Our live edge board dimensions are always expressed as:
  - Size = Length x Width, this is shown as: Medium = 18 x 12 (example only)
  - Length is generally as represented unless noted, or uniquely shaped as in the pictures.
  - Width always varies This size is intended to be greater than represented on the larger surface and as large as the next size up.  7” the width of a Medium may be up to 8 ½’ the size of a large.  Sometimes this is represented by an arrow, 14 x 7 > 8 1/2.
  - Thickness is represented in the description, this may vary and will be represented as such.
  - Your choice will always be larger than expressed but smaller than the next larger size.
  - We use the largest surface to approximate these measurements.

What is a Golden Rectangle?
An aesthetically pleasing rectangle with an aspect 1:1.6.  Discovered by the Classic Greeks and used in their architecture, it also mirrors patterns on leaves and in plants. 

What size should I buy?
What do you need or want, something big or small, easy or impressive, all of our boards are beautiful. Take your hands and approximate the size you want and measure, measure your counter or island, measure your storage. Many of our live edge chopping slabs have machined edges for under cabinet display. We also have stands that can display your board and frame your tablet.

Can I get a custom size?
Yes. Available in live edge and traditional see custom section. We also make counters and tables.

Why are there different sizes for different series of live edge boards?
This has to do with availability, quality and our customer’s needs. Some examples:

Our customers may want a lighter board as a daily cutter that is easy to handle and wash off in the sink, this would be a cutting board and up to 1”. They may want a chopping slab, for their counter or island, these also can be washed or sponged off, but weighs at least twice as much as a cutting board.

Quality and Longevity, importantly thickness vs. width applies to our kiln dried wood, specifically crafted for our purpose.
  - A live edge board that is only 1” thick and 12” wide may not be stable it may warp and crack.
  - A live edge boards that is 1 ¾” thick could be up to 25” wide and a 2 ½” thick board could be up to 40” wide.
  - Varieties of wood availability and stability vary.
  - Traditional boards may or may not be more stable and more durable.

Please choose carefully and contact us with questions, as we try to keep our prices as low as possible returns are very costly to us.